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Are you a business owner in the beauty care industry looking to harness the surge in popularity of the vacuum therapy to increase your income?

This 100% free online training on vacuum therapy will walk you through the steps to take advantage of this unique opportunity that you must seize quickly!!

What is vacuum therapy?

Vacuum therapy is a non-invasive treatment. It is performed with suction cups that suck on the skin, enabling the stimulation and irrigation of the lymphatic system and blood vessels. As a result, the skin gains a natural and firm appearance. The main purpose of vacuum therapy is to draw out fatty tissue and direct it directly to the lymphatic system.

The number 1 advantage of vacuum therapy is its very rapid effects. As a matter of fact, a firmer and lifted bum is observed from the very first session. The objective of the vacuum therapy is to enlarge this area of the body by concentrating the fat with the suction cup-fitted machine. The vacuum therapy machine essentially sucks on your buttocks, causing the body fat to firm them up and provide a long-lasting and permanent toning effect.

Vacuum therapy is enjoying a boom in popularity in UK, Canada and USA.

Vacuum therapy is currently experiencing an extraordinary rise in popularity in Europe and America! Despite the current huge demand in USA, there are only a few places offering such a service. This demand is present just about everywhere in the world.

Regardless if you are an independent aesthetician, a beauty salon owner or an aesthetics institution, and no matter where you are in Europe, the truth is those who will be the first to know how to grab this opportunity will benefit most from the economic spin-offs of this great business niche!


How to perform a Vacuum Therapy (price, procedure etc):

The vacuum therapy is a fairly simple procedure that does not necessarily require extensive training to be easily mastered. It can only be done with a vacuum therapy machine with suction cups, whose main objective is to suck the client’s skin in order to drain the fatty tissues and lymphatic fluids towards the buttocks so as to increase their volume. The method also offers other positive effects such as the reduction of cellulite on the thighs thanks to a better blood and lymphatic circulation.

To maximize the effectiveness of the vacuum therapy, you will need to offer a minimum of 6 to 12 sessions spaced approximately one week apart and then to maintain the results, you will need to do a minimum of 1 to 2 sessions per year for the following years. In USA the price per session is around 50 to 120 USD.

A vacuum therapy session is done in three main steps:

1 – The deep palpate-rolling manual massage (duration: 7min. per leg):

Palpate-roll massage

Once the client is lying on her stomach, begin by first giving a palpate-roll massage on the back of the thighs. This is a handmade massage that involves kneading the fat from the back and side of the thighs to dissolve the fat masses and increase the stimulation of the circulation of the blood vessels and lymphatic system.

It is performed by gently grasping/pinching and rolling the skin between the fingers, from bottom to top. Do this movement deeply for 7 minutes for each leg. Also take a few moments to massage from the back of the thighs to the buttocks to manually push the fat towards the buttocks. It is recommended to use a dry massage oil during the massage to further increase the efficiency but be careful not to apply too much so that it is not sucked up by the suction machine afterwards, as this could damage it.

2 – Applying the small suction cups along the back of the thighs towards the buttocks (duration: 7min. per leg) :

suction cups treatment

Once again in the same area (behind the thighs and on the side of the thighs), use a vacuum therapy machine to aspirate the skin from the lower thighs up to the buttocks. Use a fairly small suction cup (normally supplied with the purchase of the machine) with a large enough suction to lift the skin and fat.

Once the suction cup is well adhered to the skin of the lower thighs, slowly go up to the area that will need to increase in volume (in the case of a vacuum therapy, this is the middle of the buttocks). Place your other hand behind the suction cup and push the skin towards the suction cup at the same time as you go up towards the buttocks. Once at the buttocks, lift the suction cup off and start again from the lower thighs and so on. This will allow the fat to be sucked out deeply and this movement will irrigate the blood and drain the adipose tissue by mobilizing the fat towards the lymphatic system. Do this movement for 7 minutes for each leg.

3 – Using the large suction cups to suck up the buttocks (duration: 30 min) :

Vacuum therapy machine

Finally, the most important part of the vacuum therapy: suctioning the entire buttock with the largest suction cup (normally supplied with the purchase of the machine). Once again, using the machine, stick the large suction cups exactly in the middle of each buttock.

As a guide, apply the bottom of the suction cup on the fold line at the bottom of the buttocks between the end of the buttocks and the beginning of the leg. Then increase the suction of the machine until the skin of the buttocks is well lifted. Some machines will offer the possibility of continuous suction and others will offer cyclic suction (the machine sucks for a few seconds and then stops for a few seconds to start again and so on). Both types of suction work very well. It is recommended to use both methods during a treatment.

Leave the suction cups in this position for 30 minutes. After a few minutes, however, it is possible for you to move the suction cups elsewhere on the buttock (either to the sides, higher or lower, etc.) if your client wishes to have more volume in a certain area of the buttock. Always keep an eye on the colour of the buttock inside the suction cup, if it changes from red to blue, it means that the pressure is too high, then decrease the suction power. It is also possible to put the machine in cyclic mode at the end of the treatment for another 30 minutes to maximize the results.


It is normal for the buttocks to be red after a vacuum therapy and for the client to feel some slight soreness. This will subside quickly. Always wear gloves, do not do this treatment with people with serious health problems, metal parts inside the body and during electrical storms. After a minimum of 6 to 12 sessions initially, 1 to 2 sessions in the following years, a good diet and some exercise, the results will be long lasting. *For people who do not respond well to treatment, do 13 to 16 sessions initially instead of 12 and one session per month starting in the following months.

What is the best vacuum therapy machine?

Vacuum therapy machines and their prices may differ greatly depending on the options they offer. Bear in mind that the most important thing is the vacuum pressure power that the machine can offer. The ideal pressure is between 60-70 Kpa. Then comes the extra options you might like to have, such as a timer that allows you to stop the machine automatically after a certain amount of time, suction pads that emit infrared rays, etc.

Acquiring the machine should not be seen as an expense but as an investment, as a machine with several options, better power and operating modes will allow you to justify a higher price to your customers. It’s worth knowing that a vacuum therapy machine pays for itself very quickly, since a single customer brings in around 600 euros in the first year. So sometimes only one or two customers will be enough to pay back the machine. In other words, the risks of losing money are practically non-existent, especially with the current high demand in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada..



Bella Vacuum V3 Pro – $478.40

suctions therapy machine
Warranty – Free Delivery – Training Guide included, Training Certificate

The ideal machine, it is easy to use and economical. It delivers more results thanks to its unique suction cups.


  • The suction cups give off heat and infrared light, which increases blood circulation.
  • Option to time the machine stop
  • Complete accessories included (tubes, suction cups, etc)
  • 6 months warranty
  • Good power of 70 KPA
  • Very advantageous prices
  • Full training guide included
  • Training certificate in your name included

Bella Vacuum V4 Pro $1,649.98

Warranty – Free Delivery – Training Guide included, Training Certificate

This professional vacuum therapy machine is the best on the market. It is of excellent quality and offers fast and long-lasting results. It’s famous blue suction cups will be easily recognized by your customers. The machine has a suction power of 80 Kpa..


  • Large blue suction cups that your customers will recognize.
  • Built-in timer and extra modes
  • All accessories are included (tubes, suction cups, etc.)
  • Comes with a set of breast and butt enhancement creams.
  • 1 year warranty
  • Very high power of 80 KPA
  • Complete training guide included (with videos)
  • Training certificate in your name included

How to build a customer base.

Most of the beauty centers offering vacuum therapy with a large clientele today started in the same way: first social media and then word of mouth helped them build a clientele that stays year after year.

  1. To start with, use Facebook and Instagram to make contests. Start by offering free facelift sessions for two people. To do so, make a posting on your Facebook corporate page announcing the contest. To join the contest, ask people to click like, share the post and write the name of a friend who would also like to win in the comments. This will help you spread the word. Then, you can contact all participants again and give them a 10% discount for their participation.
  2. If you have a website, create a page about your vacuum therapy services and Google will take care of making it appear in search results when someone searches for an aesthetician near their home offering this service.
  3. When you start doing your first vacuum therapy treatments, ask your clients if you can take before/after pictures of their buttocks and share these pictures on social media (your facebook and instagram page), this will attract a lot of attention and allow you to do word-of-mouth effectively.
  4. Offer the 6th session of the year for free to clients who bring you an extra client during the year. Take advantage of each session with the client to remind her of the promotion, the chances that she will end up telling a friend about it in the meantime are very high.

If you do these 3 steps, with some effort and consistency, you should be able to build a client base that will stick with you year after year.

If you have any questions about the vacuum therapy or about the machines, don’t hesitate to write to us!

A very comprehensive user’s guide is offered with the purchase of the machines sold on our website. It covers buttock and breast lifting as well as vacuum therapy of the face, abdomen and arms. The guide also gives safety recommendations, preparation before a session and a lot of other information about the machine you will have purchased. This is normally sufficient as training.
Visit the pages of our machines by clicking here to find out more.

Bella Vacuum specializes in the sale of vacuum therapy machines throughout USA, UK and Canada. Our team of specialists can help you with general vacuum therapy and vacuum therapy machines. We also offer an online chat as a support 7 days a week. All our machines are covered by a warranty and the delivery is free of charge.


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