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What is a vacuum therapy machine

How the vacuum therapy machine works?

Vacuum therapy for butt lift and vacuum therapy for breasts is a therapeutic treatment that is not invasive. The use of a vacuum therapy machine is necessary to make this treatment. It is made by using suction cups that suck the skin and muscles to create a simulation of it and irrigate the blood vessels. This will allow the skin to look natural and firm.

The main purpose of vacuum therapy is to drain fatty tissues directly to the lymphatic system.

The number one advantage of vacuum therapy is that its effects are very fast. Indeed, you will have a firming and raising of the buttocks or breasts from the first session. The goal of the gluteal lift or breast lift is to enlarge these areas of the body by concentrating your fat using a suction device with suction cups. In fact, the vacuum therapy machine will suck your buttocks or breasts to make sure that the fat firmness them and gives them lasting and permanent toning.

Much more efficient than a traditional method, the use of a vacuum therapy machine will allow you to fetch the fatty tissue very deeply and move them along your thighs, to bring them to your buttocks, in addition, to offer more volume, this will even allow the elimination of cellulite on your legs. The same method is also possible for a breast lift.

Vacuum therapy gives shape and volume to the gluteal muscle using the air pressure of the colombian vacuum therapy machine. Fats in the region are solicited and will be lodged behind the gluteal muscles that, lifted by the suction of the vacuum therapy machine, are now well curved in appearance. This lifting technique accelerates the production of collagen and stimulates growth hormones. The pituitary is also stimulated by the technique of vacuum cupping therapy which results in the production of hormones that help to develop the buttocks and improve the shape of it. The vacuum therapy machine also offers an anti-cellulite effect on the buttocks and thighs.

Other benefits of using these a BBL lifting machine are body shaping, muscle stimulation (equivalent to an exercise session), better skin appearance, lymphatic drainage, eliminating cellulite and other toxicity and providing stimulation of the collagen.

The vacuum cupping therapy for breasts and buttocks is ideal to have the silhouette of your dream and a better shape without needing any surgery (only with suction cups). If you own a business that deals with beauty care, our high-quality booty vacuum machine will help you to offer butt lift to your clients. Our website allows you to buy vacuum machines, accessories, and training.

In addition, vacuum therapy machines also offer the ability to make faces lifting, back massage, professional body massage, breast shape augmentation and firming, breast lifting, body shaping, anti-cellulite treatment, belly slimming treatment, thighs slimming treatment and arms slimming treatment in addition to the butt lift. The purchase of a vacuum cupping therapy machine is an investment since it will normally be profitable in just a few sessions. Take advantage of this new trend that extends from Europe to America and passes through USA, Canada and UK.

About us

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In addition to offering you the devices, Bella Vacuum offers you trainings. Our vacuum therapy devices come with complete cupping therapy sets, including breast cups, buttocks cups, body shaping cups, tubes, hoses, filters, etc. All our devices have a vacuum meter to know the power level of the vacuum suction pump. Our devices are great for massage therapists, beauty salon owners or personal use.

Using a vacuum therapy machine for cupping therapy lymphatic drainage

Benefits of the cupping therapy lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a process that allows the body to better eliminate its fat. Indeed, fat cells can accumulate in the lymphatic system and impair the circulation of fluids. The drainage will thus make it possible to unblock the system to put in place an effective elimination.

Using a vacuum therapy machine for buttocks lift

Benefits of the buttocks lift with a vacuum therapy machine

The buttock lift with the vacuum therapy machine is a treatment that reduces cellulite, sculpts the silhouette of the body, gives volume to the buttocks and makes them firmer.

Using a vacuum therapy machine for breast lift

Benefits of the breast lift with a vacuum therapy machine

A breast lift with the vacuum therapy machine is a treatment that will help your breasts become larger and hold better.

Using a vacuum therapy machine for facial skin rejuvenation

Benefits of the facial skin rejuvenation with a vacuum therapy machine

The device stimulates blood circulation and cell metabolism. This will help smooth the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The appearance of scars and stretch marks can be reduced.

The cupping therapy machine will lighten and soften the skin. Vacuum therapy treatments will also reduce acne and rashes. There is also a skin cleansing effect through the removal of dead cells.

It can improve the elasticity and tone of body and facial skin through the stimulation and production of collagen and elastin.

Vacuum therapy machine will help reduce inflammation and reduce signs of aging in facial skin.